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Play as a virtual rugby manager in exclusive competitions involving the world's best official rugby leagues, to find out the most immersive and innovative fantasy game.

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Get the best fan experience possible to become closer to your favourite club, and win epic prizes like game tickets, merchandising, or real life experiences.

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Find all the stars, top players, rising ones and academy players, make your best selection based on their real performances, and sign them up to build your own club.

Limited Oval3 Card Fuser
Limited Oval3 Card of Sekou Macalou
Common Oval3 Card Tanga
Super Rare Oval3 Card Antoine Dupont
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Super Rare Oval3 Card Antoine DupontCommon Oval3 Card BarlotRare Oval3 Card DucuingLimited Oval3 Card FuserSuper Rare Oval3 Card BosvielSuper Rare Oval3 Card DiakittéAntoine Dupont Unique CardSuper Rare Oval3 Card CarbonneauLimited Oval3 Card MacalouRare Oval3 Card DucuingRare Oval3 Card BambaCommon Oval3 Card Barlot
Rare Oval3 Card AlldrittCommon Oval3 Card CarbonnelSuper Rare Oval3 Card Antoine DupontLimited Oval3 Card FuserSuper Rare Oval3 Card BosvielYann Peysson Rare CardCommon Oval3 Card JelonchRare Oval3 Card DucuingSuper Rare Oval3 Card Antoine DupontLimited Oval3 Card Tanga
Antoine Dupont Unique Card

Based on Real Life performances

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Collect, buy, sell, and trade officially licensed digital player cards in OVAL3’s marketplace to become manager of your own club.

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Antoine Dupont Unique Card
















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your own squad

Build teams with cards from your collections, by composing a five-player lineup, plus some Resource and Booster cards to improve their performances, to compete in a variety of free competitions against managers from all around the world.

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Place yourself at the top of various weekly competitions, to win rewards such as digital player Cards, Resource and Booster cards, $OVAL3, merch, match tickets, and IRL experiences.

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