Discord AMA Highlights: Oval3's Journey and What Lies Ahead with CEO Tony Bouquier

Greetings, Managers!

On October 25th, we connected on Discord for an AMA session with Tony Bouquier, our CEO. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable, and many pivotal questions were raised. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the discourse:

1.General Game Development:
Question: What kind of changes should we expect in November/December?
Answer: The end of 2023 is set to be dynamic! From the unveiling of a referral program, the release of new season cards to a unique competition, the excitement is real. And a new league? Let’s keep a lid on that for now.

Question: Any plans for cards that aren’t selling quickly in the market?

Answer: We're brainstorming! Ideas of card upgrades or even card burning are on the table. We’re eager to hear innovative suggestions from our community.

Question: Will there be a system for favoriting players?

Answer: Absolutely. This feature is on our radar. Soon, you'll be able to favorite players for easy access and have a clearer view of active vs. inactive players.

2. Rewards:

Question: Can reward distribution have a value logic based on rankings?

Answer: We aim to provide clarity with card categories. However, the intrinsic value of cards will be determined by the market's supply and demand dynamics.

Question: What can we expect regarding unique rewards?

Answer: We're weighing our options. It could either be a sizeable reward for top positions or a balanced distribution, akin to our other reward models.

3. User Growth and Engagement:

Question: What were the user growth expectations?

Answer: Our target is 15,000 users by the end of 2023. Given the current momentum, we're optimistic about achieving it.

Question: Are there large-scale communication plans to attract more people?

Answer: Indeed! Collaborations with leagues, clubs, and brand ambassadors are in the pipeline. Our growth strategy is holistic and encompasses multiple channels.

4. Token and Listing:

Question: Will there be a direct swap system for Matic once the token goes live?

Answer: Yes, that’s the plan.

Question: Which exchanges are being considered for the token listing?

Answer: We're treading cautiously. Naming exchanges prematurely could lead to unwarranted expectations. Announcements will be made once decisions are finalized.

5. Casual Discussions:

Question: Predictions for the Top 14 club winner this season?

Answer: Stade Toulousain seems like a strong contender, although a lot hinges on the referees.

Question: Any plans to incorporate women in rugby?

Answer: Without giving too much away, let’s just say – stay tuned for some thrilling news.

Our gratitude to everyone who participated in the AMA. Such sessions reinforce our belief in the power of community. Until next time, keep the passion burning!

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