Elevate Your Fantasy Rugby Game with OVAL3's New Referral Program

Fantasy rugby enthusiasts, we have thrilling news! The OVAL3 family is growing, and we're inviting you to be a part of this exciting expansion. Introducing the OVAL3 Referral Program – your gateway to exclusive rewards just by inviting your friends to this fantasy rugby adventure.

How to Participate:
- Refer Friends: It all starts with sharing your passion. Use your unique referral link to invite your friends to OVAL3.
- Earn Rewards: For every friend who jumps into the action and purchases 2 new cards, you'll earn special rewards.
- Track Your Achievements: Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor your referrals and the cool rewards you accumulate.

The Reward Tiers:
Here’s a glimpse of what you can earn as you climb the referral levels:
Levels 1-4: Start your collection with Limited cards.
Levels 5-8: Up your game with Rare cards.
Levels 9-12: Dominate with Super Rare cards....and the list goes on, with more exciting levels and rewards to unlock!

What's Coming Up:
We're continuously working on making your OVAL3 experience even more rewarding. In the near future, you'll be able to claim your rewards directly, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Plus, with our upcoming confirmation system, you'll receive updates once your referrals fulfill their purchase criteria.

The power to build a stronger, more vibrant OVAL3 community is in your hands. Begin your referral journey today, boost your collection, and enjoy the camaraderie of fantasy rugby with friends. Stay tuned for more updates and keep your collections growing!

Warm regards,
The OVAL3 Team

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