FinMag fr Spotlights OVAL3: Transforming Rugby Through Web3 Innovation

Our CEO at OVAL3, Tony Bouquier, recently shared insights with FinMag about our groundbreaking Rugby Fantasy game. Launched in September, our platform stands as the first Web3 gaming platform dedicated to rugby, offering an immersive digital experience for rugby enthusiasts.

Introducing Our Game, OVAL3

As the first Web3 gaming platform dedicated to the sport, OVAL3 is the culmination of a long-term vision. We provide rugby fans and players of "play to earn" games the opportunity to collect digital cards of professional rugby players. These cards are then utilised in our Fantasy game, where users take the role of team managers. The unique aspect is that the performance of the virtual teams is influenced by the real-life achievements of the professional players. Competitions vary based on the rarity of the cards, and players can earn rewards ranging from additional cards and Matic rewards to tangible items like match tickets, jerseys, or unique experiences in partnership with rugby clubs and leagues.

Response at the Rugby World Cup France

The response was overwhelmingly positive! The World Cup provided an ideal backdrop for our launch, offering both a significant boost and a formidable challenge. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure we were ready for this global event, culminating in the public release of OVAL3 in early September, right before the World Cup kicked off. This timing proved to be a masterstroke, as we welcomed nearly 10,000 users and saw the creation of 30,000 teams during the two months of the World Cup. We're proud to have sold over 30,000 cards and distributed more than 5,000 rewards, exceeding our expectations and setting a strong foundation for our future.

The Team’s Passion for Rugby

Yes, we are indeed passionate about rugby! The entire team at OVAL3 shares a profound love for the game. BAMG Sports, the startup behind OVAL3, was launched four years ago with a vision to gamify and digitalize rugby. Noticing a gap in the gaming industry for rugby, we set out to fill this void. Our team, including Laurent Arbo, a coach and former professional rugby player, has been instrumental in turning this vision into reality.

Recent Fundraising and Its Impact

Our recent fundraising is primarily aimed at further developing OVAL3. With these funds, we've accelerated our development efforts to ensure our readiness for the Rugby World Cup and beyond. We've also implemented dedicated marketing strategies for the World Cup and the forthcoming year. While financial success is evident, with revenues nearing $500,000 since our launch, our focus remains on structuring and evolving OVAL3 alongside our product development. This growth includes ongoing recruitment across various sectors.

Looking Ahead: Our Future Plans

Our primary focus remains on enhancing OVAL3. The core of our platform is Fantasy gaming, deeply integrated with Web3 and "play to earn" elements. This model not only rewards our community and fans but also provides a fair return to players, clubs, and leagues involved.

But our aspirations extend further. We aim to solidify our position as the global leader in digital rugby entertainment. This includes diversifying our game modes and card types, enriching the overall fan experience. In addition, we are developing our own token; this token will deepen our engagement in the Web3 space, emphasizing community and ecosystem.

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