Oval3 23/24 New Collection Cards Giveaways: Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the exciting OVAL3 23/24 Season Cards Giveaway! As a valued member of the OVAL3 community and a fantasy rugby enthusiast, you have the unique opportunity for you to win big in our latest giveaway. This event is designed to celebrate our community and enhance your collection with stunning new season cards.

Details of the Giveaway

The giveaway consists of various activities, each offering a chance to win exclusive cards from the OVAL3 new collection. Participants can engage in different ways and increase their chances:

Bid on the Primary Market Auction
Make Purchases on the Secondary Market
Registering for the first time on OVAL3 and buying at least 1 NFT.
Share Your Team on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram
Confirm a Team in Any Tournament

Participants can perform these actions multiple times (except for new user registration, which is a one-time action), enhancing and multiplying their chances to win.


Here’s what you can win in each category:
A) Primary Market Auction:
Main Prize: Emmanuel Meafou - Toulouse
Additional Prizes: 2 Rare cards, 7 Limited cards
B) Secondary Market Purchases:
Main Prize: Emilien Gailleton - Pau
Additional Prizes: 2 Rare cards, 7 Limited cards
C) New User Registration:
Main Prize: Thomas Vincent - Agen
Additional Prizes: 2 Rare cards, 7 Limited cards
D) Social Media Sharing:
Prizes: 2 Rare cards, 8 Limited cards
E) Tournament Team Confirmation:
Prizes: 2 Rare cards, 8 Limited cards

Picking a Winner

Winners will be selected through a fair and random process. Each category of the giveaway will have its own set of winners, chosen based on the specific criteria set for that category.


Start Date: November the 28th
End Date: December the 6th
Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on December 7th.

Number of Winners

There will be 10 winners for each category of the giveaway:

Primary Market Auction: 10 Winners
Secondary Market Purchases: 10 Winners
New User Registration: 10 Winners
Social Media Sharing: 10 Winners
Tournament Team Confirmation: 10 Winners

Additional Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: Open to all members of the OVAL3 community and to the new registered managers.
Entry Conditions: Participants must follow the specific instructions for each category to be eligible. Multiple entries are allowed in all categories except 'New User Registration'.
Data Privacy: Participant information will be handled in accordance with OVAL3's privacy policy. Join us in this exciting event and enhance your collection! For detailed instructions on how to participate, please refer to our Instagram and Twitter pages.

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