20 Best Fantasy Sports Forums In 2023

If you’re looking for the leading fantasy sports forum to help make selections for your team, then look no further than our list of the 20 best forums here.

Creating and staying up to date with the latest rugby union news can often be a daunting prospect before making Oval3 selections throughout the season.

However, we have gone through some of the best fantasy sport forum sites available online to pinpoint the options that will stand out above the crowd for rugby fans looking for assistance when making their fantasy selections throughout the season.

Forums are an excellent opportunity for like-minded fans to open discussions and communicate about some of the most topical stories in the world of rugby today. Still, which are the leading fantasy sports forum sites that rugby players should study ahead of making their selections?


Best Fantasy Sports Forums


1. Reddit/Rugby Union


Reddit is often seen as one of the leading fantasy sport forum options across all sports, as it opens a clear discussion point between fans. The Rugby Union channel is one of the most popular for fans of the sport, with the page boasting over 400,000 members, with new posts shared on a daily basis centered around some of the biggest stories in the sport.


This could make for a key factor for fantasy players, as it could be the best way to find out the latest team news before making final selections on their team for the weekend ahead.

Creating an account on Reddit can be done easily through signing in with Gmail, and then you’re free to enter any discussion you wish on the platform, as well as beginning your own debate on the official channel.


2. The Rugby Forum

If you’re looking for one of the best fantasy sports forums dedicated to rugby, then you would be hard pressed to find a better one than The Rugby Forum. Users can easily sign up for an account in the top-right hand corner of the screen, and after verifying your account, you can leave comments on a vast number of boards that are opened every day.

The tops on the site range from everything imagination, including discussions centered around team selections, major tournaments, and latest injury news. All are critical factors for fantasy sport players that are looking to make the best selections at Oval3.

3. Rugby Rebels

One of the leaders in terms of a fantasy sports forum for rugby is Rugby Rebels. This platform looks like a lot like the majority of other forums that can be found online, but it is dedicated to all things rugby.

There are separate channels for each leading national side and club team around the world, meaning that it is easy to find the discussion that you’re looking for. In terms of regular updates, there are few channels that are as competitive as Rugby Rebels for fans of fantasy sports online.

4. Total Rugby League

While rugby union remains the most prominent code of the sport, there is a dedicated audience for rugby league across the world, with fans often looking to gain a better understanding of the sport by talking to likeminded fans.

Total Rugby League is one of the leaders in the code, as this forum opens debates for fans of all teams and competitions, with videos of the latest action being posted daily to open communication for fans throughout the season. It is a standout choice for fans of rugby league.

5. Green and Gold Rugby

Staying up to date with the latest national team news from sides outside of your home country can often be draining. Therefore, there are a number of leading fantasy sports forum options available.

Green and Gold Rugby focuses on all things in Australia, creating a shared space for fans of the national side and club teams within the region to open discussions. It is an excellent option for fantasy players, as it enables users to stay up to date with the latest team news from further afield.

6. T2 Rugby

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest rugby news from outside the major circles can often be the key to finding value when adding players to your Oval3 team.

Therefore, a leading Fantasy sports forum site that should be explored is T2 Rugby. This forum focuses solely on action in the second and third tiers of rugby, meaning that the latest discussions on the site could help unearth future world stars.

7. Yorkshire Rugby Forum

Rugby is as much about the local teams as it is about the game at the highest level. Few sports can add more to a local community than rugby, meaning that it is well worth following a local community forum to stay up to date with all things taking place at grassroots level.

One of the most active forums online can be found in the form of the Yorkshire Rugby Forum, which posts around seven new posts per day.

8. Boards.ie/Rugby

Like Reddit, Boards.ie is another excellent fantasy sports forum site that takes into account a broad range of interests for rugby union fans across the world.

This site isn’t as active as Reddit, with just two posts shared per day, but it is an excellent avenue to get thoughts on your latest team selections from likeminded individuals in a safe space.

9. Rugby Refs Forum

Staying on top of the latest suspensions and getting insight into big game decisions can help the understanding of rugby fans throughout the season. One of the standout fantasy sports forum pages on that front is the Rugby Refs Forum.

This site covers a range of issues throughout the season, with referees able to get involved in the discussions and share why a decision was made in the way that it was.

10. League Rugby Forum

As we mentioned previously, Union remains to be the most popular code, but there is still a huge Rugby League following across the world. Another of the most popular forums in terms of the League code is League Rugby Forum.

There are 14 posts shared daily on this platform, opening discussions surrounding the results from the previous round of matches, with fans able to talk about their star performers throughout the season.

11. National League Rugby

Discussing the latest rugby action in the Southern hemisphere can be challenging for fans that live in Europe, as few other fans will stay up to watch the latest action through the night.

Therefore, a perfect fantasy sport forum for fans to share their thoughts and catch up on news stories that they may have missed in the region comes in the form of National League Rugby.

12. Planet Rugby

Planet Rugby continues to be one of the most popular fantasy sports forum pages for rugby fans. The overall site is perfect for making fantasy selections, as it is an excellent place to get key stats that could contribute to high-scoring weeks.

Meanwhile, the forum is a safe place to talk to like minded fans from across the world to discuss the latest team news and find out more about how players and teams are performing from fans that watch their sides on a regular basis. It is one of the most active rugby forums available only, with over 20 posts per day being shared on the platform.

13. V2 Forum

The Premiership is one of the most popular rugby competitions in the world, with millions watching the action throughout the season. One of the most popular fantasy sports forum options to talk all things Premiership can be found in the form of the V2 Forum.

Here, you can talk all things about the competition, and it is a perfect location to find the latest stats and team news ahead of making fantasy selections for the weekend.

14. Cover/Rugby

Cover is another platform that is very similar to Reddit in the way that it works for players. Here, the rugby union channel engages thousands of users on a daily basis, with each looking to exchange knowledge ahead of the latest round of action.

It is one of the best fantasy sports forums as it enables users to catch up on the latest live action and get tips from fans that watch the action throughout the season.

15. The Front Row Forums

One of the leading fantasy sports forum options for rugby fans comes in the form of The Front Row. This page enables likeminded rugby fans to share their thoughts and beliefs surrounding all things about the sport at any point during the day.

On the forum, fans can expect to see open discussions centered around the latest action from across Australia, England, and France, meaning that it could be a hugely beneficial tool before making fantasy picks.

16. Ruckers

Ruckers is typically a forum place for cricket fans, but there is a dedicated rugby section for fans of the sport. Fans from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are most common at Ruckers, with discussions centered around the latest news from major international and domestic club competitions.

It is a safe place to open discussions about some of the biggest issues in this sport.

17. Homebrew Forum

While Homebrew isn’t only a sports forum, it often opens conversational rugby discussions when the biggest events on the calendar are being staged.

It is likely to be standout option among fans that are new to the sport, as knowledgeable rugby fans are typically on hand to explain some of the key decisions that impact matches that gain mainstream attention.

18.  Fantasy Rugby Geek

While there isn’t a standard forum available at Fantasy Rugby Geek, it remains a solid option for fans of the sport, as they can post comments on articles after signing up for an account.

It is a site that is dedicated to helping fantasy players achieve the best results that they can over a weekend, meaning that it is a standout choice to follow throughout the season before making selections to your team.

19. Rugby Network

Another leading fantasy sports forum for fans of the sport is the Rugby Network. This site goes above and beyond in terms of channels for users, with all big stories covered throughout the season.

That includes being able to explore the latest team news from major competitions across the world from fans that watch their team on a regular basis.

20. Oval3

One of the best fantasy sport games for rugby fans will also be one of the most immersive communities for players online. Oval3 is the freshest fantasy game in the second, with players able to build their team of players to earn points throughout the season.

High performing players are rewarded by securing money-can’t-buy prizes, and it promises to revolutionize how fans immerse in the sport.

Benefits Of Using Fantasy Sports Forums

There are a lot of positives that come with using a fantasy sports forum when making selections for your rugby team for the weekend. These sites enable players to stay up to date with the latest team news and also explore how stars are performing in terms that viewers may not be able to watch on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it gives fantasy players an opportunity to bounce around their ideas to make sure that they are making the best possible selection for their team ahead of the latest round of matches.


We have gone through some of the leading fantasy sport forum sites above and have explored the best fantasy sports forums available to rugby players online.

Each site is slightly different, meaning that users will have the choice to select from several options revolving around whether they are looking for information from a certain team in a specific country.

However, all forums that we have explored will enable users to open discussions with likeminded fans across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fantasy Sports Forum?

A fantasy sports forum is a discussion-centered platform that enables users to communicate online no matter where they are in the world.

How Can I Join a Fantasy Sports Forum?

Users can join a fantasy sports forum by signing up for an account on one of the forums that we have mentioned above.

Can Beginners Benefit from a Fantasy Sports Forum?

Beginners will hugely benefit from joining a fantasy sports forum, as they will be able to gain a greater understanding of how the top-performing players on fantasy rugby achieve solid results.

Can I Share My Fantasy Sports Strategies on the Forum?

Users are free to share their fantasy sports strategies in a forum, as it is typically a good way to validate your selections with likeminded fans.

Can I Access Fantasy Sports Forums on Mobile?

All of the leading fantasy sport forums that we have mentioned above can be accessed on mobile devices.


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