A Beginner’s Guide to the Crypto-Based Fantasy Sports Games

You can find out more about the crypto-based fantasy sport rugby game here. Find out about crypto fantasy sports and all that it entails.

Fantasy sports is an ever-changing landscape, with new sites often looking to give players something new to think about. That is certainly the case for rugby fans when it comes to the service provided at Oval3, as one of the most dynamic landscapes has been unearthed.  

At the site, users can assemble their dream fantasy rugby side, and it has quickly become one of the crypto fantasy sports enjoyed by thousands across the world. But, what makes fantasy sports crypto standout to players, and what experience can players expect to enjoy at Oval3 after signing up for their account?

What Are Crypto-Based Fantasy Sports Games?

Crypto fantasy sports are one of the freshest developments made in the landscape, as they have offered something new to players. Games within this sector use nonfungible tokens to enable users to purchase, own, and trade players on the platform, with the main aim for users once again being to assemble a squad that scores the most points on a weekly bases.  

It is a fresh dynamic to the fantasy sector, with users able to trade players on their squad outside of the typical methods, with marketplaces being a typically popular trading location for players. This enables users to make considerable money on desired cards within the landscape. Blockchain fantasy sports have continued to grown across a variety of other sports, with leading soccer sites such as Sorare seeing over 200 teams being licensed across Europe and North America.  

It is expected to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world over the coming years, with the industry set to be worth a staggering $48.6 billion by the end of 2027. The growth of crypto fantasy sports is one of the key reasons behind the expected growth, as it will offer a slightly different money-making option to sports fans away from typical sports betting.  

How Do Crypto-Based Fantasy Games Work?

One of the most popular crypto fantasy sports options available online comes in the form of Oval3. The rugby fantasy site is the first global free-to-play option for fans of the sport, with users able to collect and win official player cards in an immersive style. All of the world’s best players will be available at the site, making it one of the top fantasy sports crypto options available on the market.

Users can create and account and begin to assemble their squad immediately. Each team will be made up of five stars, with all of the best domestic and international tournaments seeing points scored throughout the year. Players will have to determine the competition in which they wish to take part, with the two common options being either an all-star league, which is made up by competitions such as Super Rugby, Premiership, and Top 14. Meanwhile, players can also assemble their squad centered around one specific tournament, such as the World Cup. More tournaments can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

All of the main stats to help build your crypto fantasy sports team can be found at Oval3, with users able to find the latest information about the players, such as the team that they are playing for, and their position. Meanwhile, the latest five scores of each player can be found on their card, as well as their key attributes, which could indicate the areas in which players are most likely to score points. Each player card will also see the XP, tags, and supply all highlighted.

Oval3 offers one of the most immersive experiences available online, as players can pick up points based on the performances of their assembled team. The points could then see users pick up some excellent prizes throughout the season, with top players being awarded tickets for some of the standout matches on the rugby calendar, while unique digital cards are among the other available prizes.

Building your team is the first step, but the more that users play at Oval3, the greater the rewards. That includes being offered the chance to collect and win limited and unique cards of some of the very best players in the world of rugby. Creating a team to begin your dominance is the first step that all players must complete.

Benefits of Participating In Crypto Fantasy Sports Games

Oval3 is one of the standout crypto fantasy sports options available on the market, as it offers users the unique opportunity to win money-can’t-buy prizes. Among those are the unique player cards that players can win throughout the season after enjoying high-scoring weekends.  

These unique player cards will be rare at Oval3, but they could become incredibly lucrative if you later wish to cash in on the card that you have won. Playing consistently at Oval3 will ensure that you stand the best chance of earning the most prestigious rewards, which includes invitations to some of the most dedicated leagues full of players that are the most passionate at the site.  

Therefore, the more that you play at Oval3, the more that you will be rewarded in terms of the unique prizes that you stand to win. So, why wait any longer before creating your account and assembling your dream rugby team?

Getting Started

Getting started at Oval3 is relatively straightforward, which also enhances its reputation as one of the top blockchain fantasy sports site available on the market. You can begin to sign up for an account by accessing the Oval3 launch page, before determining the league that you wish to join and selecting ‘register’.

At this point, you will need to select the players that will make up your first team, beginning with a front row, before determining on a second row, half, back, and an extra. After selecting the players that will make up your fantasy sports crypto side, you will need to determine a captain before proceeding any further.

Following this, you will then need to register for your blockchain fantasy sports account via email or telephone number. Once the security details have been included, your team will be entered into the league that you have selected, and you will need to activate your account from the details sent to your email address. Once this has been done, you can look ahead to scoring points at one of the best crypto fantasy sports sites on the market.

Tips and Strategies  

Building competitive teams on crypto fantasy sports is the best way of winning the unique prizes that are available at Oval3. However, it can often be testing to pick up points on a regular basis, especially considering that many other players in the league will likely adopt different strategies. But, tactics and tips can be followed to enhance your chances of being competitive throughout the season.

One of the key fantasy sports crypto trends to follow is the research process, as you will need to ensure that you make knowledgeable picks when selecting your team. That includes examining all the relevant stats that could impact the number of points that your players will score throughout the season. Instead of picking your favorite players from your desired club team, you should ensure that the stats of the players are taken into account. That includes examining the average points that each player scores throughout the season, and the minutes in which they play for their teams throughout the season.

Furthermore, another solid strategy is to assess the injury records of the players that you’re looking to include in your fantasy team. You could lose out on a huge number of points due to your players not being available for selection for extended periods, meaning that you should stay on top of this factor by regularly checking the latest team news. Players will long-standing injury issues should be avoided, as they will likely play bit-part roles throughout the season for their team.


We have outlined above why the growth of crypto fantasy sports is expected to continue over the coming years. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry, and Oval3 is one of the freshest names that will give rugby fans something that they have always craved.  

The game ensures that there are opportunities to win real money after making their team selections, and dedicated players are rewarded for their loyalty by receiving unique cards and invitations to special leagues.  


What is the Difference Between Crypto-Based Fantasy Sports Games and Traditional Fantasy Sports?  

Crypto fantasy sports will see unqiue NFTs being used throughout Oval3, meaning that unlike traditional fantasy sports, there are cash prizes that can be won throughout the season.

Is It Necessary to Have Crypto Experience to Play These Games?

Crypto experience isn't essential before playing blockchain fantasy sports, as newcomers can learn more about the experience expected at Oval3 by getting started.

What Are the Risks Associated with Investing in Crypto-Based Fantasy Sports Games?  

There are no clear risks with investing in crypto fantasy sports, as users will be safe making deposits to their account via blockchain technology.

Are There Any Tax Implications to Consider When Earning Cryptocurrency Prizes?  

Like standard betting, all prizes won at Oval3 are tax free for players.

Can I Use Any Cryptocurrency to Participate in These Games?

Cryptocurrencies of all variations are accepted at Oval3 for players to take advantage of the service offered to take part in fantasy rugby games throughout the season.  


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