Best Fantasy Sports Sites: Discover the Top Platforms

Which are the best fantasy sports sites you should sign up for? Explore some of the best options and find out how easy it is to get started.

What do the best fantasy sports sites offer? The dramatic rise in popularity of fantasy sports games shows us that millions of fans love to play in this way, making big decisions that lead to success or failure. What are some of the key fantasy sports sites and platforms?  

What Is Fantasy Sports?

We need to start by looking at what fantasy sports actually cover. This is a simple type of game where you build a team or roster using an online platform – usually by selecting your players from a large pool of real-life players.

You then earn points based on how they play each week in their real-life team’s games. You might get the chance to change your players once a week, once a month, or at some other fixed times during the season. You‘ll typically compete against others, with prizes possibly available for those who finish at the top of the leaderboard.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites

Choosing the right platform to play is vital to your chances of having a good time while trying to succeed, which is why we’ve put together this list of the best fantasy sports sites you might want to try. You’ll find different sports and ways of playing for every type of fan on this list.

Oval3 Fantasy Rugby

The first of the fantasy sports websites gives you the opportunity to create a winning rugby team. The selection process with Oval3 is simple, as you can either choose the top-ranked players from worldwide leagues who appear first in the list or else dig deeper to look for more options.

This game requires a team of five players that you pick from the different positions available. You then pick up points as they play in real life, with digital cards among the prizes that can be won if you choose well.


Another of the biggest names in the industry, FanDuel has grown impressively since it was launched in 2009. It hasn’t always been plain sailing for the company, but they now have a huge daily fantasy sports operation across the US.

They offer a variety of fantasy competitions in sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. You’ll need to stay under the salary cap as you draft your stars and aim for a cash prize.


The third in this list of the leading fantasy sports sites, DraftKings is also available in many American states and includes a number of the country’s most popular sports.  While they’ve expanded into sports betting and casinos, their daily fantasy sports remain the most recognizable part of the brand.

There are numerous competitions available, with new contests launched on a regular basis. You don’t need to finish first to win a prize and you’ll pick up a welcome bonus when you get started.

Underdog Fantasy

A relative newcomer to the scene, Underdog Fantasy was launched in 2020 with the backing of some huge names from the sports world. There’s a variety of ways of playing, with some tournaments lasting the full season and others giving you the chance for a quick win.  

You can play with Underdog in many American states. Their mobile app works smoothly and one of the simplest approaches is to decide whether up to five players will go higher or lower than predicted, with a 20x payout if you get all five right.

Jock MKT Fantasy

The twist with the last of these top fantasy sports sites is that Jock MKT is built on a stock market-type approach. This means that you can buy and sell the players as though they were stocks, taking advantage of their prices rising or falling according to their most recent performances.

The NHL, the NBA, and the MLB are among the top leagues that you can take part in using this platform. It’s perhaps best suited to a sports fan who also has some investing knowledge, although it’s been set up simply enough that anyone from any type of background can take part.

How to Choose the Top Fantasy Sports Platform?

As we’ve seen, there are several top fantasy sports websites out there, so how can you choose which one to use? Perhaps the approach that makes sense for you is to look for a platform that covers the sport you’re most interested in, as this is what’s going to help you to keep playing.

You’ll also want to see the mechanism used for playing. For instance, are you going to be taking part in short, sweet tournaments or are you going to have to wait until the season ends before you find out whether you’ve won a prize or not? Finally, ease of use is another factor to take into account.

How to Play Fantasy Sports

Each of the biggest fantasy sites has its own approach but there are also some aspects that they each have in common. Generally, you need to register as a new player, at which point you’ll be asked to fund the account if it involves betting with real money.

You‘ll then get the chance to pick your players. Check the rules before doing this, so that you know exactly what you need to know. Each platform will also explain how you can update your team as the competition progresses if this is an option.

Available Sports on Fantasy Sports Sites

We‘ve looked at a few different sites so far, and one thing you‘ll have noticed is the variety of sports on them. This is a good time to recap some of the top sports you can play in this way, although there are others.

·         Rugby

·         Football

·         Baseball

·         Basketball

·         Golf

·         Soccer

Where Can I Play Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are often closely associated with the US, but this is just one of the countries where it’s available. The following are some of the countries where these games are particularly popular.

·         The US

·         The UK

·         Australia

·         Germany

·         Canada

·         Ireland

·         Brazil


Fantasy sports aren’t new, but the introduction of slick online platforms has moved this activity onto the next level in terms of ease of use and accessibility. If you love following a certain sport and are looking for a new hobby, this is a great choice provided you select the site wisely. 


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Top Fantasy Sports Site?

Take into account the sports they cover, the ease of use, and the process used to pick the teams. If it suits your interests and lifestyle, then it’s going to be a good choice.

What Is the Most Popular Fantasy Sports Platform for Rugby Enthusiasts?

The Oval3 platform gives rugby fans the chance to select their five top players from around the world. Follow their progress in the real-life games and tournaments they play in, with your captain picking up 20% extra on the points they earn.

How Can I Ensure Fair Play and Prevent Cheating on Fantasy Sports Platforms?

Choose a reliable platform that’s highly rated with positive reviews from existing users. By sticking to the platforms which we’ve looked at in this selection of the best fantasy sports sites, you can be sure that you get a fair experience.

What Are The Best Fantasy Sports Sites for Beginners?

All of the names on this list of the best fantasy sports websites are suitable for new players trying the hobby for the first time. They lead you through the registration and player selection processes so that you’re quickly up and running with no problems.

What Are The Best Fantasy Sports Sites for Advanced Players?

The same platforms that we’ve mentioned as being the top fantasy sports sites for beginners are also suitable for advanced users. There’s no need to change to another platform as you learn more about fantasy sports and how to play them.


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