Best Fantasy Rugby Team Names: Funny Suggestions for Your Squad

What fantasy rugby team names can you use? Discover the best funny and original names you might want to use for your fantasy rugby team.

Are you looking for fantasy rugby team names? With fantasy rugby games gaining more popularity all the time, many players are currently searching for good fantasy rugby team names that make their teams stand out from the rest. You might want a name that sums up your attitude to the sport, or something funny that makes everyone who sees it laugh. 

First, you’ll want to know all about fantasy rugby. This is a type of competition where you pick real-life players to make up your virtual team. As they play games in the real world, this gives you points for your fantasy, meaning that you compete against others to see who has the best team. 

For example, the Oval3 game asks you to pick five players from different positions, with a captain included. As your players give you points with their performances, you can win the likes of real-life merchandising or official digital player cards.  

The Funniest Fantasy Rugby Team Names

This is a fantastic opportunity to stamp your personality on your team and let people realize right away that you’re having a good time as you play. Of course, creating a bunch of the best fantasy rugby team names isn’t as easy as it sounds at first.

You could sit there for hours waiting for inspiration to strike you, or you might have some ideas that sound good but that you aren’t quite confident enough to use just yet. This is where our list of 100 funny rugby fantasy team names is going to be extremely useful in helping you get started.

Use these as inspiration to get you started. You might want to use one of these names as it is or add your own personal touch to it, turning it into something different that means something to you personally.

Either way, this list is here to help you get started more easily and without having to worry about your team’s game. You can now start playing more quickly choose your players and start picking up points according to how well they play.

1. Get Rucking

2. What the Ruck?

3. Scrum Like It Hot

4. The Rule of Scrum

5. Lock and Roll

6. It’s Only Ruck n Roll

7. The Rucky Warriors

8. The Flying Tackles  

9. A Good Try

10.  A Lot of Tackles and Tries

11.  Tries Too Hard

12.  The Conversion Conversation

13.  Why Try?

14.  Drop Kick Delight

15.  Tom Scrum

16.  Get the Ruck Out

17.  Rucking All Over the World

18.  Rucking in the Free World

19.  Scrums of Comfort

20.  Take It to the Flank

21.  A Wing and a Prayer

22.  Just Wing It

23.  Put a Wing on It

24.  Rugby Rumble

25.  The Ruck of the Devil

26.  Scrum Together

27.  Laugh Now Try Later

28.  Try With You

29.  Pretty When You Try

30.  Sweet Scrums

31.  Rocking and Rucking

32.  Scrum Nights

33.  Give Me Scrum of That

34.  Scrum Things Never Change

35.  The Awesome All Blacks

36.  The Wannabe Wallabies

37.  I Picked a Lock

38.  Springbok-a -Lot

39.  Lock, Stock and Two Scrum Halfs

40.  Flankers in a Twist

41.  Lock It Up

42.  This Props on Fire

43.  Prop Goes the Weasel

44.  Half-backs to the Future

45.  Fly-half to the Moon

46.  Our Backs and Forwards

47.  Full Back If You Think It’s Over

48.  Try Harder

49.  Wing it Home

50.  The Ruck Stops Here

51.  It’s Fly-half O’clock Somewhere

52.  Tackles n’ Tumbles

53.  Propping up the League

54.  Ruck Around the Clock

55.  Scrummy Monday

56.  Scrum-thing Good

57.  Ruck and a Hard Place

58.  We Will Ruck You

59.  All Signs Point to Dupont

60.  How to Savea Life

61.  Alldritt Now

62.  All Blacks and Small Backs

63.  The Wonder Wallabies

64.  The Springbok Sensations   

65.  The Pouncing Pumas

66.  The Twickenham Terrors

67.  The Try Factory

68.  Tries R‘Us

69.  One More Try

70.  Never Too Late to Try

71.  Ruck It to the Moon and Back

72.  Rucks and Scrums United

73.  Hardly Even Trying

74.  The Scrums of War

75.  Let’s Try Again

76.  Try to Remember

77.  Try to Make Me Happy

78.  Testing Times

79.  Wild Wings

80.  The Wing Things

81.  The One with the Scrum Half

82.  My Rugby Revolution

83.  Devil on the Blindside

84.  Staring at the Oval Ball

85.  Happy Hookers

86.  Second Row Sinners

87.  Centers on the Run

88.  My Ruck Is Your Ruck

89.  There’s No Place Like Scrum

90.  The Wizard of Props

91.  Flaky Flankers

92.  Props and Drops

93.  Picking Up and Propping Off

94.  Oval Mayhem

95.  Maul Cops

96.  Beyond the Maul

97.  Chasing the Egg

98.  Oval Dreams

99.  Flying with Wings

100.  All Out of Rucks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Some Good Fantasy Rugby Team Names?

The best fantasy rugby team name ideas use words from the sport as part of a memorable phrase. It might be a rugby in-joke that only other fans will understand or something simpler that anyone will quickly understand.   

What Makes a Fantasy Rugby Team Name Funny and Memorable?

While not everyone has the same sense of humor, some funny names are sure to make most people smile. It might be a pun or a play on words where you’ve turned a song or a movie name into a fantasy rugby name.


Where Can I Find Inspiration for Fantasy Rugby Team Names?

Our list above gives you 100 Ideas to get you started. You’ll find a great variety of names that should get your creative juices flowing as you try to craft the perfect name for your team.

What are The Most Unique Fantasy Rugby Team Names?

Something that uses an obscure phrase or a personal reference that most people won’t understand is going to be pretty unique. On the other hand, you could simply let your imagination run wild as you think of rugby terms and how to fit them into a clever team name.

How Can I Get Creative with My Fantasy Rugby Team Names Ideas?

A short brainstorming session where you write down as many rugby words as you can think of will get you started. You can then think of movie titles, TV shows and other phrases where you might be able to fit in something rugby-related to make it funny and memorable.


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