5 Online Rugby Games to Play While Waiting for the Next Match

What rugby games online are worth trying in 2023? Read our list of the top five rugby games that let you play this great sport at any time.

Can playing rugby games online add to your enjoyment of this sport? Watching rugby on TV is highly entertaining, but perhaps you’ve sometimes wondered what you can do in those moments between games.

One great option involves looking for online rugby games that let you carry on enjoying this sport while you wait for the next big game to start. You should bear in mind that there are many different kinds of gameplay as well as various ways of doing it, from playing console games to taking part on your desktop computer, your mobile device, or joining free online rugby games.

Best Online Rugby Games

The exact rugby games online you choose will depend on your personality and how much time you plan to dedicate to it. However, to get you started we’ve researched some of the very best games of this type that you might like to try

Oval3 Fantasy Rugby

This is an online fantasy rugby game where you pick a team of five from over 2,300 players based all over the world. Teams are made up of one each in the following positions; front row, 2nd or 3rd row, half, back, and extra. You then need to choose which one will be your captain, as they collect 20% extra in each game.

You then earn points based on their performances in real-life games. Track your progress by seeing whether you move up or down the league table. It’s free to play and if your chosen players play well you can win prizes such as digital cards and game tickets.

Rugby 22

The game lets you play rugby in a different way, as you get on the field of play to show off your running, tackling, and handling skills. Rugby 22 has more than 50 official teams in it, meaning that you can play in a variety of tournaments and leagues from around the planet.

It was created by Eko Software, who already developed various other rugby games in the past. However, Rugby 22 really brought the sport up to date by adding more atmosphere and tactical aspects to the gameplay. Online reviews are generally positive and fans are particularly happy with the improved computer AI and the control they have with their own passes.

Rugby Challenge 4

This live rugby games online option can be played on a variety of consoles or on Windows PCs. Developed by Sidhe using Unreal Engine 4, this game came out in 2020 as an update to the popular Rugby Challenge series that began in 2011. There are various modes, including Career Mode, Single Game, and the chance to be a pro.

In terms of the teams covered, it’s good to see that Women’s Sevens Rugby is included with all the top international teams. This is just one of 12 competitions you can take part in, with the Currie Cup and Premiership Rugby among the others and online play against rivals available.

Rugby Union Team Manager 4

This next of the rugby games online takes you away from the field of action and puts you in control behind the scenes. With Rugby Union Team Manager 4, you need to take charge of everything needed to make a successful team, from planning the training to hiring the coaches and scouting new players to sign.

Before the game starts, you can set up the moves and tactics you want your players to use. This game comes from Alternative Software Ltd and includes more than 12,000 players as well as more than 300 clubs from various countries. 

Rugby Nations 22

Available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, Rugby Nations 22 by Distinctive Games is free to download and includes both men’s and women’s games. In-app purchases are offered, but the basic free game is good enough to give fans some exciting moments as they play in stadiums in different parts of the world.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable game although some reviews criticize it for lacking a degree of realism. This is particularly true against the more difficult teams, as it becomes increasingly impossible to stop their slick passing moves no matter how hard you try to get close to their players.

Benefits of Playing Online Rugby Games

There are different reasons for playing these games, and finding a way to carry on enjoying the sport between games is one of the most powerful. Imagine you’re settling down to watch your favorite teams taking part in a massive tournament like the Rugby League World Cup or the Women’s Rugby World Cup that will be held in England in 2025.

There are going to be a lot of great games to look forward to, but you’re also going to have a few blank spaces in your viewing schedule as you want for the next games to begin. In that case, having some games ready to play can help to keep you engaged and in the mood for the sport. 


We’ve seen a variety of the best online rugby games that can be played in a variety of ways. No matter what it is that most attracts you to this thrilling sport, you can find a game that appeals to you and allows you to take part in rugby whenever it suits you.


How Can I Find and Join Online Rugby Gaming Communities?

The games that we’ve looked at in the list include some that have a strong community aspect. For example, the Oval3 fantasy rugby game is all about challenging others with the team of real-life players you build up.

Do I Need to Download or Install Special Software to Play Online Rugby Games?

In many cases, you can play rugby games online for free directly in your browser without downloading or installing anything. Mobile games where you need to download an app from the Play Store or App Store to start playing provide an exception to this rule.

Can I Play Online Rugby Games on My Mobile Device?

Yes, in some cases you can simply start to play directly in your mobile browser. Others require you to download an app, which usually only takes a moment to do and in many cases is free unless you plan to upgrade to the premium level and unlock new elements.

Are There Any Free Online Rugby Games Worth Trying?

Yes, this list has looked at five exciting free rugby games that let you enjoy this sport in a variety of ways, with some of them free. They all give you different options for taking your love of the sport to the next level and staying immersed in rugby between the real-life games you want to watch.

What Are the Best Online Rugby Games for Mobile Devices?

Our list of the five best rugby games online includes the likes of the Oval3 fantasy rugby title, Rugby 22, and Rugby Challenge 4. You can also play Rugby Union Team Manager 4 and Rugby Nations 22, which each offer something unique.


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