Best NFT Sports Games: Dive Into The World Of Digital Athletics

NFT sports games are among the fastest-growing titles in the sector. You can find out more about the leading titles in the industry here.

The world of sports and technology is ever-changing, and that has been evident throughout recent history with the boom in terms of popular NFT sports games.  

It has been a match made in heaven to this point, as titles in the sector enable fans to get closer to players and teams that they have previous admired from a distance. The sector is also enjoying a boom due to the fact that it has helped launch billion-dollar companies across the world.  

For beginners, NFTs are relatively straightforward to understand, as it ensures that fans can collect cards and pieces of memorabilia in a more flexible way. For the most part, this sees players collect trading cards, team kit, and highlights in a digital way, as oppose to the formally popular method of collecting retro style sports cards.  

It is a huge popular sector nowadays, and there is no shortage of NFT sports games across the industry for users to get involved.  

5 Best NFT Sports Games


Oval3 has quickly become one of the most popular NFT sports games on the market, with rugby fans able to get closer to the action by building their fantasy teams. The platform enables users to format a team of the best players, with points earned from the performances in international and domestic competitions throughout the year. Oval3 enables users to compete against both friends and family, and other players from across the world.

Users are rewarded throughout the game, as they are able to unlock more competitions the more that they play the title. Points are picked up by teams throughout the season based on player performance, with the top-ranked players rewarded with money-can’t-buy NFT cards for top performing players. As well as this, top performing users are also regarded for their performances by winning match tickets to some of the standout fixtures on the international calendar.

Oval3 has taken the fantasy rugby NFT sports games to a new level, with fans of the sport able to enter both free-to-play competitions and special tournaments throughout the year. It is a must for all rugby fanatics across the world.  


There’s little surprise that one of the most popular sports NFT games focuses on soccer, as the sport is one of the most followed across the globe. This trading card and fantasy game by Sorare is typically ranked among the best NFT sports games, with users able to build their teams to pick up points throughout the season. It has been an immediate hit with fans of the sport, with the company being worth an estimated $4.3 billion.  

Users have been able to take their game to the next level in recent months, as Sorare signed a huge £30 million deal for the official licensing rights of teams in the Premier League. Users will assemble NFT cards to create their five-a-side teams, with rewards dished out based on the real-world performances of the players selected. It is a lucrative game for players, evident from the fact that the most expensive card of Erling Haaland was sold for an eye-watering $687,000 at auction.  

NBA Top Shot

American sports have a long history with fantasy games, but there are few more popular NFT sports games in the United States than NBA Top Shot. This title takes a slightly different approach to the two games that we have previously mentioned, as NFTs are collected based on famous moments in the competition instead of points being earned based on the real-life performances of the players involved.  

Top Shot holds official rights for video highlights throughout NBA history, with users able to trade, sell, and buy to collect cards that are nearest and dearest to them. This title enables users to collect moments that they remember throughout history, and NBA Top Shot has quickly established one of the most reliable and accessible marketplaces available online without any need to make crypto purchases. It is leading the way in the sector, and it is an approach that many other sports NFT games will be looking to replicate in the future.

Another fresh approach to NFT sports games was taken by when it was launched a number of years ago. Instead of basing prices on player performances or moments from historic matches, is an excellent choice for users that have passions across a number of different sports. Users are able to collect digital limited edition collectables from some of the biggest superstars from across sports such as American Football, basketball, and tennis.  

The platform was launched by Super Bowl legend Tom Brady, and the quarterback is one of a number of standout athletes that can be found on the site. Other famous names that users can find personalized memorabilia from include Coco Gauff, Devin Booker, and Derek Jeter. The platform is among the leading sports NFT games for users looking to collect an excellent and varied selection of memorabilia across a range of different sports.  

NFL All Day

American fans are fanatic about their fantasy sports, and that is especially the case when it comes to American Football. One of the most popular NFL NFT sports games comes from the creators of NBA Top Shot, as NFL All Day enables users to trade and buy cards focused on their favorite moments in the history of the competition.  

The leading currency at present is ‘Moments’, which sees the card focused on video highlights from some of the most famous moments in NFL history. Users are able to sell and buy these cards at will on the marketplace, with each card coming in various forms in terms of types and tiers. All will also have their own digital serial number, which ensures that users have 100% authenticity on their purchase, and they will also have the relevant ownership history of the card that they own. There are few more successful sports NFT games available on the market.  


We have gone through some of the most popular NFT sports games available on the market above. All the platforms excel across their specified sport, with each also offering users different perks in terms of NFT value. The sector is ever-changing, but it promises to be an industry that will continue to excel over the next ten years.


What is The Best NFT Sports Game?  

The leading NFT sports games can be found above. We go through some of the leading options across a selection of sports.

Why Are NFT Sports Games Gaining Popularity?  

Sports NFT games are growing in popularity, as users look to own and sell some of the most sought-after pieces of sports memerobilia in a digit format.

How Can Players Earn or Trade NFTs in These Games?  

Players are able to buy cards at NFT sports games with ease via the marketplace on the titles mentioned above. A users’ cards could also be traded and sold on the marketplace.

Are NFT Sports Games Accessible to Non-Tech-Savvy Individuals?

Getting to grips with the NFL sports games mentioned above is straightforward, as the marketplaces at the leading sites are easy to use. Each site will also have a handy beginners guide for all newcomers.

Are There Any Risks Associated With NFT Sports Games, Such as Scams or Fraud?  

Scams are an unfortunate part of modern life. However, NFL sports games users can rest assured that the majority of platforms available online are stress free. But, reviews of all platforms should be examined before signing up.  


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