5 Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games

What are the most popular fantasy sports and how do you play them online? Discover the most common sports and how the rules vary between them.

The most popular fantasy sports have exploded in popularity and when we look at some of the top games it’s easy to see why. These games are loved by sports fans all over the planet but what is it that helps them to stand out?

This review of the fantasy sports that have gained more followers looks at how they work and some of the reasons why they’ve grown so quickly. So, what is the most popular fantasy sport and why should you play it?

The Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games

1. Fantasy Rugby

The sport of rugby has a long history going back to the early 19th century and is now more popular on a global basis than ever before. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top fantasy sports now, letting you pick the star players from different leagues to join your team.

We can see how this works by checking out the Oval3 site. Their free-to-play game asks you to choose five players including one for the front row, another for the second or third row, a half, a back, and an extra player from any position. You also need to select a captain, who collects extra points.

As they play in real games in their respective leagues, your players then pick up points that count towards your total. Prizes in this game range from merchandise to official digital cards you can use in the game.

2. Fantasy Football

As the most popular sport in the US, it’s easy to imagine that football is also huge in the fantasy sports market. In fact, arguably the first fantasy sports game came in 1962 and was based on choosing NFL players.

The first step is to join a league. You can do this with friends and family or join a league with other internet users all looking to earn the top prize. The drafting rules will vary but, in most cases, you’re asked to select a full team, respecting a salary cap while choosing a player for each position.

You’ll be given a chance to change your team as the season progresses, with different ways of doing this. You might take part in a live draft or an offline draft, with some platforms imposing a strict time limit or enforcing the order of the draft.

3. Fantasy Soccer

The most popular sport in the world offers another of the most popular fantasy sports which is particularly important in countries such as the UK and Germany. Many of these games are based on a single league such as the EPL or La Liga, so you can only pick players from that specific competition.

Other games are based on a major tournament like the FIFA World Cup or Women’s World Cup. In this case, you can choose players from any of the competing teams as you create a team that you think will pick up more points than your rivals.

One of the interesting aspects of fantasy soccer is that you may be asked to choose a full roster at the start of the season, allowing you to then choose your best starting 11 players before each game. 

4. Fantasy Basketball

Since the NBA is the world’s biggest and most widely-followed basketball league, this is the league that’s more frequently used for fantasy basketball games. Like all of the other fantasy sports we’ve looked at, it’s all about choosing the players you believe will get the most points for you.

One of the possible advantages of fantasy basketball is that this sport involves smaller teams so you need to draft fewer players. You also need to understand the different ways of scoring points in this game, which involves methods such as points, head-to-head points, and roto.

You might also come across multi-season leagues that allow you to keep one or more players in your roster from one season to the next. All of these factors will affect how you approach the game’s draft and pick your players

5. Fantasy Hockey

The NHL is the biggest ice hockey league in the world, so the majority of fans are likely to play fantasy sports based on its players and teams. As with most American-focused fantasy sports, the season begins with a draft where you choose between the best-established stars and the rookies with potential, making this the most important moment of the season.

Some fantasy hockey games let you set up a roster for the season and just let it run. However, most will require some sort of roster maintenance to give you a chance of winning. This is where you can look to boost your performance by bringing in better players and removing anyone who hasn’t been doing well for you.

The head-to-head approach is the most common in fantasy hockey, but you might see the total points – or rotisserie – method of finding out who is the overall winner of the league also used at times.   


Why These Sports Games Are Popular in Fantasy

  • The big question is why these are the most popular fantasy sports. The truth is that there are some key reasons why they’ve gained such a large following of fans who want to pick their own teams.

  • The number of fans. Quite simply, the more people who follow a sport, the more fans are likely to be interested in playing a fantasy version of it. Those fans who understand the sport and regularly watch games or check statistics are most likely to want to play a fantasy version of it too. 

  • Simplicity and ease of getting started. These sports are also among the easiest to play fantasy versions of. In most cases, it’s all about choosing a roster or team and then tracking as they collect points during the season.

  • The seasons. All of these sports are played over a relatively short season, which makes it easier to run fantasy tournaments that cover the duration of a full season.

  • Star players. Each of these sports has a lot of star players that fans want to look out for. By playing fantasy games, they can add their favorites to their teams.


The popular fantasy sports covered in this list are all loved by many fans in different parts of the world. Playing an online, fantasy version of their favorite games gives them another way to enjoy it and follow the action.

As fantasy sports leagues continue to grow in popularity, we can expect to see the sports we’ve looked at here remain the most popular. The timeless appeal of these sports will continue to see them inspire people to pick their favorite players before a new season begins.  


What Is the Most Popular Fantasy Sport?

The world’s most popular sports such as rugby, football, and soccer are among the sports with widely played fantasy versions. While the basic aim is the same in each case, the rules vary between sports. 

Are Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games Available on Both Web and Mobile Platforms?

Yes, you can play these games using the device that best suits you. This adds a high degree of flexibility as you can pick your players and carry out roster management or check the latest points total as the season progresses.    

Are There Any Entry Fees or Costs Associated With Playing Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games?

Many of the best games are free to play, such as the Oval3 rugby fantasy platform. In others, you may pay an entry fee in the hope that you earn a prize by finishing at the top of the league when it finishes.   

Are There Any Strategies for Most Popular Fantasy Sports, Especially for Beginners?

The best strategy is to dedicate time to carrying out sufficient research. This means understanding the rules of the game you choose and also checking out which players you want to pick to have the best chance of winning. You should then take the chance to improve your team whenever possible. 

Are There Any Age or Location Restrictions for Participating in Fantasy Sports Games?

The legal requirements for signing up to a fantasy sports league vary from one place to another, so it’s always a good idea to check the law where you live. For example, some American states don’t allow daily fantasy sports while those that do have differing age limits such as 18+, 19+ and 21+.


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