Fantasy Rugby Tips and Strategy: Building A Championship-Winning Team

Building a team to dominant in fantasy rugby can be a daunting prospect for all players. Find important fantasy rugby tips here.

Fantasy sports are incredibly popular across the world, with millions playing games that sees them assemble squads to compete in leagues centered on competitions such as the NFL, NBA, and Premier League.  

However, fantasy rugby is one of the fastest-growing fantasy options available to sports fans. Oval3 has quickly become the most trusted site for player to assemble their fantasy teams across a number of huge rugby competitions, with the tournaments seeing friends and family battling to see who has the greater rugby knowledge.  

Nonetheless, if you need rugby fantasy team tips then you are in the right place. You can find some of the key fantasy rugby tips to help ensure that your team is stocked across all possible positions here.

Check out here the fantasy rugby league rules.

Understanding The Basics of Fantasy Rugby

Before it comes to assessing the fantasy rugby tips revolving around picking your teams, it’s important to first understand the basics of fantasy rugby at Oval3. Each team will be made up by five players, with users able to select some of the biggest international superstars from across the globe.  

In your team, users must have one front row, one 2nd/3rd row, a half, a back, and extra. Users will have a set budget in order to assemble their squad, meaning that you will need to be strategic when it comes to the player that you will be including at the highest value.  

Scoring the most points is the name of the game, meaning it is essential to understand the fantasy rugby tips as to how points are awarded. The highest number of points are awarded to a player if they score a try, with five added to the total. Meanwhile, three points are awarded for a drop or penalty, with two points awarded for a conversation.  

Players are also awarded points for tackles made, interceptions, and passes. However, points can also be taken away from players if they miss tackles, or are shown a yellow or red card. Users are also docked points if they wish to make additional transfers after using their free trade. Any additional transfers will see players docked five points.  

Draft Strategy

The fantasy rugby draft can often be one of the most stressful periods of the season, as users must act quickly to ensure that they end up with highest point scorers in their team. However, the draft can often lead to complications when it comes strategy, as many users opt to pursue other tactics.

It is often encouraged when entering a draft that users should look to ensure that they snap up the star man first, often meaning that first round draft picks are players that score regular tries every week or are lethal with their boot in terms of conversions.

Therefore, one of the key fantasy rugby tips to follow is to conduct research before starting the draft to ensure that you’re picking the right player for your team. Users should look into the average points per game that each player scores, as well as examining the metres that each star available in the draft has completed throughout the season.  

Furthermore, users should also examine injury records of the players available in the draft, as you don’t want to select a player that has long-standing injury issues, as you will likely need to trade out the same player as soon as the season gets underway.  

Team Formation

Users creating their teams at Oval3 will have an enjoyable experience when creating a team, as the roster will be made up of five players. All teams must include a front row, which means either a hooker or a prop must be selected. Meanwhile, in terms of a 2nd or 3rd row player, users must select a lock, a number eight, or a flanker.  

Next, users must select a half, meaning either fly-half or scrum-half will be selected. A back must also be included in all teams, meaning that a full back, wing, or centre. Finally, all users will then have free reign over their final selection in the team, as the extra can be a player that plays in any position on the pitch.  

The final choice could ultimately be the difference between picking up vital points throughout the season, meaning that assessing the stats is one of the key fantasy rugby tips to consider before selecting your fifth man in your fantasy rugby team.  

Fantasy Rugby Tips and Strategy

Fantasy rugby often takes a lot of research to ensure that you end up with the players that are most likely to score points throughout the season. One of the key fantasy rugby tips to follow is to select players based on those that are going to score the most points.  

This shows a greater understanding of the game, and how you can come out on top in your league with your friends. For example, if a player has an excellent conversion rate from penalties, then he could be an outstanding selection to include in your team.  

Meanwhile, players that excel in terms of stats for tackles won and meters travelled per match, then these would also be solid selections to include in your roster. Furthermore, users should look to avoid including players that have poor turnover stats and are prone to making mistakes such as forward passes and missed tackles.  

Another of the key fantasy rugby tips is to consider the latest team news, and injury records of the players that you wish to include in your team. Selecting players that are out injured or have a historic record of getting injured throughout a season could be a wasted draft pick. Selecting these kinds of players will see you drop points more frequently than other users, while it will also waste your trades throughout the season, as you will look to offload them as quickly as possible.

One of the other key rugby fantasy team tips is to avoid players with discipline issues. Users see points docked for players that pick up yellow and red cards, meaning that you should avoid drafting players that regularly pick up disciplinary punishments throughout the season. Overall, the key fantasy rugby tips show that you should pick players based on stats, and not stars that you just enjoy watching because they play for your favorite team.

Research Tools and Resources

Following the fantasy rugby tips that we have mentioned above means assessing all the possible stats available before making selections to your team. Below, you can find helpful tools and resources that can make following the rugby fantasy team tips mentioned easier.  


Building the perfect fantasy rugby team doesn’t have to be time consuming or confusing for newcomers at Oval3. Instead, you can follow the fantasy rugby tips that we have mentioned here to help.  

That includes examining the latest team news, the form of teams across the competitions, and the latest stats centered around some of the key players from around the globe. Assessing the latest stats is one of the key rugby fantasy team tips that all users should follow, as you will need to select players that stand the best chance of picking up points throughout the season.  

The resources that we have mentioned in this guide will aid the research process for players, as they can get straight into the numbers that help to create a winning team. Finally, all users should also follow the fantasy rugby tips in terms of examining injury histories of players before making selections, as it will save time throughout the season when it comes to making trades.  


What Should I Consider When Creating A Fantasy Rugby Team Name?

One of the most creative parts of fantasy rugby is choosing your team name. Users are able to name their team whatever they like, but it is always encouraged to avoid using derogatory language and terms that could be deemed offense to others. Failure to comply could see users suspended from fantasy rugby leagues.  

Are There Any Strategies To Employ When Dealing with Injuries to Key Players on My Fantasy Rugby Team?

One of the key fantasy rugby tips to consider before picking your team is to assess the injury record of players available. Assessing previous injuries could help ensure that you don’t select a player that may be spending more time on the sidelines.  

What Are Some Advanced Tactics for Selecting a Captain in Fantasy Rugby?

Selecting on your captain is an essential part of fantasy rugby, as the selected player will pick up 20% more points. Therefore, the fantasy rugby tips show that you should select a player that stands the most chance of scoring the highest number of points of the players on your roster.

How Can I Strategize for the Playoffs In Fantasy Rugby Leagues?

The rugby fantasy team tips show that players looking to strategize with one eye on the playoffs should take into account the form of the team that the desired player plays for. In order to continue to pick up points throughout the playoffs, your team members will still need to be playing an active role.

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid In Fantasy Rugby?

One of the most common mistakes that fantasy rugby players make is overlooking the importance of stats. After assessing our fantasy rugby tips above, you can check out the resources to examine the players that you wish to include on your roster.  


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